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Slot Machines, coolest of the cool Online Casino Games

A slot machine also referred as fruit machine, the online casinos slots, puggy machine, and poker machine has been a gambling machine in a casino. It has at least three reels that spin on pushing a button.

Slot machines do have a currency detector which acknowledges the money entered into the machine by the player. Among all types of online casino games, slot machine is the most popular and user friendly game.

Generally, beginners prefer this game. This game is much easier than other games in this category. Slot machine games are simpler than any other classic games.

It started back in 1887 by Charles Fey and is still entertaining people. It brings most of the income from all the
online casinos, around 70% of it. Slot machines are popular in online casinos as well as the land based casinos.

How to play it:

Around 80% of the people who play online casino games, play slot machines. Most of them are beginners and beginners find it really easy to play and win. Experienced players also play as they have a higher possibility to win money. One more reason for slots being the popular among the new comers is it brings direct interaction among the player and the dealer and the players find it really impressive.

The players are given a bonus money by the online casino to play, right after the player signs up. The machine has three screens which are payout, credits and bet.

The payout screen is for showing the money won by the player and so it remains zero, if the player doesn't win any money. The credit screen shows the coins the player has left and the big screen shows the amount of money the player decided to play.

Simultaneously, three buttons are there which are max, one and spin. Max and one are for declaring the bet and spin is to start the spin in the machine. By pressing one of them, the machine starts.

How to choose the correct
online casino site:

There are various websites which allow people to play online casinos. However, one should be very careful about the authenticity of the website. There are so many malpractices which happen in this sector. There are many possibilities of fraudulent practices like theft of money, stealing of personal information or even a virus attack on your PC.

However, all these can be avoided. Some online casinos exist only to steal your money and they are the reason why you do not win any money.

Nowadays, a few online casinos offer the facility of no deposit play in which you don't have to deposit any money at first and you can play it for free for the first time, simply to build the trust.


Online casinos are very popular nowadays and people prefer them over the land based casinos. Online casinos are growing day by day and they are improving the services. Thus, it is better to sit back at home, relax and play a and of course to win.

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